Today is the Highway

Today is the Highway          (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Today is the Highway]

Is the grass still growin' green upon the meadow,
Is the sand still soft where the tidal rivers flow—
   Do the redwoods ever ask you where I've been
   Do they ask you where went their lonely friend?
Please tell them for me I still remember them.
Please tell them they taught me what I know.

I remember that night I walked the floor,
From nowhere your face was at my door—
   You brought to me a joy words can't explain,
   As if your presence was a feeling without a name.
My love, it is a night I still remember,
When your breathin' stole the sound from the ocean's roar.


Do you see my face in the rain that's fallin' freely,
Do you hear my voice in the whisperin' of the trees—
   Do you taste my love in a glass of wine,
   Do you touch your heart and feel the beat of mine?
Upon this darkened roadway your love will always shine,
For today is the highway and tomorrow is the time.


Plains of Nebrasky–O      (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: The Broadside Singers, Today is the Highway, Broadside 40]

Have you heard about a country where the rivers run free,
Thatís a place where I think you ought to go
Where the corn stands high, tall as the sky,
On the great plains of Old Nebrasky–O.

In school I read of men who died by the gun,
But not of those who died by the hoe.
The land has drunk the rains of many a farmerís blood
Now forgotten and buried long ago.

Where are the hands that plowed fields without sleep
Hands that saved a dying calf without rest
Where are the feet that walked down them hot dusty trails
On their way to seek their fortunes going west.

And where are the fathers who died in the dust
And mothers who died hungry in the snow
And where are the kids that watched the banks plow their houses down
Those are the things I guess my teaches never knowed.

You tell me drought hurt only corn and not men
You smile and say hard times have gone away
I guess I should listen to my city politician
Who keeps telling me these are better days.

Is there anybody left to walk a muddy mile
Is courage a word thatís only said
Is it true them dusty days are days that never really were
But are only tales in books to be read.

Have you heard about a country where the rivers run free,
Thatís a place where I think you ought to go
Where the corn stands high, tall as the sky,
On the great plains of Old Nebrasky–O.


The Looking Glass          (Eric Andersen)   [Albums:  Today is the Highway, Best of EA, Violets of Dawn]

In the cattails, a maid did dwell,
She sang sweet songs, but she loved as well;
She was a bit over five feet tall,
And she loved no man, for she loved them all.

In her bed many hours we lay
While the north winds'd blow and the sparrows'd play
And in my hand she placed a key,
Sayin', "Keep this my love, follow me,"

So I swore, for she knew me well,
I swore this love, I'd never tell;
She said for me her soul she'd sell,
Even if she must walk the fires of hell.

Her hair it rushed and flowed so long
On a silken pillow, it did belong;
Her eyes were yellow like the mornin' sun
   and they were singin' each one a song
And her skin was dark like a russet dawn

Well in her hair would flow my tears,
Of my lonely days, and my bitter years,
And on her breast, my soul would sail,
And her mouth was as sweet, sweet as ale.

She was to me a golden cup,
That poured me life, for me to sup;
And in her heart was a lookin' glass,
And a sturdy ship, with a highest mast.

For many days, I did remain,
Until one day, I forgot her name;
Then I knew I'd have to go
From where the sparrows played, and the north winds'd blow.

But then one day, by the cattail pond,
My love was dyin', and then she was gone;
I buried her where the green grass grows,
And there she slept 'til the winter snows.

So I sang my sorrow to the trees,
And they said, "Go sing it to the breeze;"
Well I knew this love no man could believe,
So I buried my sorrow, my heart, and my key.


Come to my bedside     (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Today is the Highway, New Folks, Violets of Dawn, Vanguard Visionaries, Blue River (reissue), Songs of EA, Selected Songs]

   Come to my bedside, my darling.
   Come over here and close the door.
   Won't you lay your body soft and close beside me
   And drop your petticoat upon the floor?

I waited for you, oh, such a long time.
I tried to grow and be a better man.
If you knew your love has made one poor heart wealthy
Though my clothes may lay tattered in your hand.

Your breast has told my ear life's golden secrets.
Your back has shown my fingers endless groans.
Your lips have whispered wisdom that is timeless
About life and death and things I'd never known.


Your eyes are bluer than the mountain waters.
Your hair is flowin' dark and flowin' long.
Your skin has more gold than a morning sunrise.
It is softer than the breeze of a summer's dawn.

I miss you more with every passin' sunset.
I plan a plan on every new day born.
No, words cannot describe one thing I'm sure of,
That it's in my lovin' arms that you belong.



Everything ain't been said    (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Today is the Highway, Selected Songs]

   So I don't really know if I'm leavin'.
   I can't really seem to find a reason
   For wakin' up in an empty bed,
   'cause I don't know that everything's been said.

Are you askin' that I catch the train of grievin',
or ride upon a magic moonbeam wind?
Are you askin' that I leave it all behind?
But will goin' really get me off of your mind?

If it's someone else, you didn't let it show.
If it's something that I did, I didn't know.
I neer ever meant to do you wrong.
But when I go, you know that I am gone.

So please try to tell the reason why.
Can't you do more that sit and cry?
I know today can seem so long.
But tomorrow will soon be gone.


Bay of Mexico    (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Today is the Highway, Broadside 40]

I've been thinking 'bout a place I one knew well,
Bout a girl I left across yonder bay.
But I know one thing my pretty darliní,
I know I'll see you on another day.

   I may meet you on a mountain city,
   Or on the plains where the north wind blows.
   I may see you by the southern waters,
   Or by the Bay of Mexico.

Now, the days are gettin' dark and chilly,
The river's cold and the meadows wrapped in snow.
My heart is longing for your singin' breezes,
Down where the golden rivers flow.


Now you may think I'm only talkin'
You may think I'm only gonna break your heart.
But I know where the grass is growin'
One true love will finally get a start.


Now, I think I'm headin' for greener pastures.
My train is travelin' on a straighter road.
I think I'm learnin' things I've never learned before,
And a hundred other things I never knowed.


All songs by Eric Andersen.
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