The Songs of Eric Andersen
1969 Deep Fork Music

Today is the highway  (lyrics only)
Close the door lightly
Come to my bedside, my darlin'
Hey babe, have you been cheatin'
Thirsty boots
The looking glass  (lyrics only)
Violets of dawn
I shall go unbounded
Rollin' home
Mary Sunshine
Think about it (One more time)
Miss Lonely (Are you blue)
Tin Can Alley
Just a little something

Time for my returning  (lyrics only)
On the edge of you
Chimes of love (Boogaloo)
It's so far to fall
It's comin'and it won't be long
A woman is a prism and not made out of stone
(We were) Foolish like the flowers
It's good to be with you  (lyrics only)
For what was gained
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