Eric Andersen in Broadside  (1964–1969)
Songs, poetry, album reviews, and other miscellaneous items by or about Eric Andersen that appeared on the pages of Broadside (1964–1969).
All items written by Eric Andersen, except where noted.

Bay of Mexico  (Broadside 40)
Blind fiddler  (Broadside 54; 20 Jan 1965)
Boot of blue, The  (Broadside 41)
Bumblebee  (Broadside 47)
Bus I'm riding  (Broadside 68)
Dawn (= Violets of dawn) (Broadside 59)
Delta bum (Broadside 55)
I shall go unbounded  (Broadside 62)
Miss Lonely (Are you blue?) (Broadside 79)
My land is a good land  (Broadside 41)
Plains of Nebrasky–O  (Broadside 40)
Rambler's lament  (Broadside 44)
Rolling home  (Broadside 84)
Sixteen year grudge  (Broadside 92)
Stranger to this country  (Broadside 69)
Thirsty boots (Broadside 55)
Tin Can Alley  (Broadside 85)
Waves of freedom  (Broadside 56)
Eric on the cover of the 19 Jan 1966 issue.


reflections in the gravel  (Broadside 43)
sun still rises on auschwitz, the  (Broadside 55)
tune for pete, a  (Broadside 55)

Miscellaneous items:

a closed letter to myself  (Broadside 54)
Buffy St. Marie & Eric Andersen  (by Phil Ochs)  (Broadside39; 7 Feb 1964)
Excerpts from a letter from Eric Andersen  (Broadside 68)
Homage to Eric Andersen (by Bob Fox)  (Broadside 48)
'Plains of Nebrasky–O', Notes on  (Broadside 40)

Album Reviews:

Avalanche  (by Jim Buechler)  (Broadside 97)
'Bout Changes and Things  (by Steve Mayer)  (Broadside 69)
Today is the Highway  (by Steve Mayer)  (Broadside 60)

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