Violets of Dawn
1999 Vanguard CD, remastered
Boot of Blue  ~
Rambler's Lament  ~
Violets of Dawn  *
Thirsty Boots  *
Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin'  **
The Hustler  *
Close the Door Lightly When You Go *
Song to J.C.B.  %
Dusty Box Car Wall  %

~ from New Folks
* from Bout Changes
** from Bout Changes, Take 2

Come To My Bedside  %
Looking Glass  %
Just a Country Dream  #
Eyes Gently Rollin'  #
On the Edge of You  ^
All I Remember is You  #
Rollin' Home  ^
Miss Lonely Are You Blue  ^
Broken Hearted Mama  ^

% from Today is the Highway
# from A Country Dream
^ from Tin Can Alley

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Last revised: May 2008.