Eric Andersen
Contributions to Tribute Albums
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Eric Andersen has contributed to tribute albums for Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, Phil Ochs, and Pete Seeger.
Kerouac — Kicks Joy Darkness

Song: The Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Chorus 10)

[track 25; 1:59]

1997 Rykodisc CD

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Slip cover
What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs

Song: When I'm Gone

[disc 1, track 15; 5:45]

1998 Sliced Bread 2CD

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If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol 2

Song: Snow, Snow 

[track 9; 4:06]

1999 Appleseed CD

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May Your Song Always Be Sung: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 3

Song: It's Alright, Ma (I'm only bleeding)

Eric Andersen with Massimo Bubola
[disc 2, track 1; 9:06]

2003 BMG Germany 2CD (BMG 82876505672)

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