Eric Andersen
Discography — Compilations (not reissued from main albums)
Compilation Albums Song(s) Code Date / Issuing label Format
The Original New Folks / New Folks, Vol 2 The boot of blue
Come to my bedside
Dusty boxcar wall
Rambler's lament
NewFolks 1964 Vanguard lp (CD 1993) lp, CD
The Broadside Singers (Broadside vol. 3)
Broadside Reunion (Broadside vol. 6)
   reissued on the 5 CD set The best of Broadside 1982-1988
Plains of Nebrasky-O (w/ Phil Ochs)
Long time troubled road
1964 Folkways
1972 Folkways (song: 1965)
2000 Smithsonian Folkways
lp, custom CD
lp, custom CD
Woodstock Mountains Revue – More Music from Mud Acres Waiting for a train (Jimmie Rodgers)
Mason Dixon's on the line (Pat Alger)
WMR-MudAcres 1977 Rounder
200x Vivid Sound (Japan)
Woodstock Mountains Revue – Pretty Lucky Ride, ride, ride (trad)
Pretty Lucky (Roly Sally)
WMR-PrettyLucky 1978 Rounder
2001 Vivid Sound (Japan)
Woodstock Mountains Revue – Music from Mud Acres Mason Dixon's on the line (Pat Alger)
Pretty Lucky (Roly Sally)
WMR-Comp 1992 Rounder CD
Owen Sound Summerfolk Festival Live Is it really love at all   (live) OwenSound 1979 Georgian Bay Folk Society lp
Fast Folk Musical Magazine: Some Ole' Coot (Vol. 1, #1) The girls of Denmark FastFolk1 1984 Fast Folk lp, custom CD
Fast Folk Musical Magazine: 6th Anniversary Issue (Vol. 4, # 5-6) Hills of Tuscany FastFolk4 1988 Fast Folk 2-lp
Fast Folk Musical Magazine: Lost in the Works (Vol. 6, #9) Eye of the immigrant FastFolk6 1992 Fast Folk CD
Circles In The Stream, Volume 1 Come running like a friend WUMB93 1993 WUMB CD
Ten Great Years at the Kerrville Folk Festival Blue River   (live 1986) Kerrville10 1995 Silverwolf (song: 1986) 10CD
Kerouac – Kicks Joy Darkness The Brooklyn Bridge blues (Chorus 10) KerouacTribute 1997 Rykodisc CD
What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs When I'm gone OchsTribute 1998 Sliced Bread 2CD
If I had a song: The songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2 Snow, snow SeegerTribute 1999 Appleseed Records CD
Kerrville: End of the Century
   included as disc 7 of Folk Festival - The Silverwolf Years
Best of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Vol. 2
Thirsty boots   (live)

Thirsty boots   (live)   (same version?)
Kerrville2000 2000 Silverwolf/Kerrville Records
2002 Silverwolf/Kerrville Records
2003 Silverwolf/Kerrville Records
May Your Song Always Be Sung: The Songs of Bob Dylan, Vol. 3 It’s alright, Ma (I’m only bleeding) DylanTribute 2003 BMG Germany 2CD
Compilation Videos Song(s) Code Date / Issuing label Format
Folk City: 25th Anniversary Concert Thirsty boots   (live 1985) FolkCity85 1987 (VHS 1996) ld, VHS
Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart and Mind 3 interview segments Mitchell 2003 PBS American Masters VHS, DVD
Festival Express interview segment
Thirsty Boots
Festival 2004 New Line 2-DVD
Compliation Promos (esp. from radio stations) Song(s) Code Date / Issuing label Format
The World of Folk Music w/ Oscar Brand – Show #235
28 March 1966. (15 minute interview with two live songs)
Violets of dawn
Milk cow blues (by Elvis Presley)
WorldFolk235 1966 US Soc. Sec. Admin. lp
Acoustic Café – Show #282
Aired during the week of 5–11 June 2000
You can't relive the past (live?) AcousticCafé282 2003 Acoustic Café 2CD
Acoustic Café – Show #430
Aired during the week of 7–13 April 2003
Shape of a broken heart (live) AcousticCafé430 2003 Acoustic Café 2CD
Acoustic Café – Show #435
Aired during the week of 12–18 May 2003
Before everything changed (live) AcousticCafé435 2003 Acoustic Café 2CD
Compilation Songbooks Song(s) Code Date / Publisher Format
The Sierra Club Survival Songbook My land is a good land SierraClub 1971 The Sierra Club 143 pages
The Best of Contemporary Folk Blue River
The rain falls down in Amsterdam
ContemporaryFolk 1995 Cherry Lane Music 120 pages
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