Note:  The following list of titles comprises my personal knowledge of songs sung by Eric Andersen. Sources include albums, singles, songbooks, the pages of Broadside, concerts, and radio shows. A long dash ( — ) indicates identical versions of a song. Published sources are given where known: the album codes used are listed on the discography, singles are listed as sSingle, and italics are used to distinguish printed sheet music.

- # -

16 year grudge  (TinCan, Broadside 92)

- A -

Ain't no time to bleed  (BeatAvenue)
All creation  (R Danko & EA)  (RidinB)
All I remember is you  (CoutryD — BestEA — Violets)
Amazing grace  (trad)  (Wildflower2003)
Angels in the snow (Engler I Sneen)  (EA / Ole Paus)  (DFA)
Avalanche  (Avalanche — sAvalanche)

- B -

Baby please don't go  (Trad)  (Highway)
Baby, I'm lonesome  (Stages — SoMuchOnMyMind, RidinB, DFA-Molde91)
Bay of Mexico  (Highway, Broadside 40)
Beat Avenue  (BeatAvenue-2)
Before everything changed  (BeatAvenue, AcousticCafé435)
Be true to you  (BeTrue — sBeTrue — 70C — BestSongs — SoMuchOnMyMind, Stages)
Belgian bar  (Ghosts — sBelgianBar, Selected)
Blaze Of Glory (Johnny Slate, Danny Morrison, Larry Keith)  (DFA backing vocals, EA has often sung this in concert especially circa 1994)
Blind fiddler  (BoutCh, BoutCh2, Broadside 54)
Blue heart  (Memory)
Blue march, The (The Iris)  (EA, Townes Van Zandt)  (Can'tRelive)
Blue River (BlueR — sBlueRiver — BestSongs — SoMuchOnMyMind, Mudd82, Kerrville10, DFA backing vocals, DFA-Molde91, Wildflower2003+CD, BlueRain, Cologne, Selected, Contemporary Folk)
Blue rockin chair  (BeatAvenue-2)
Blues keep fallin' like the rain, The  (BeTrue, Philly82, BlueRain)
Boot of blue, The  (NewFolks — Violets — Visionary, Broadside 41)
Bold marauder (Richard Fariña)  (Waves)
Born again  (sBornAgain, Performed live on the Johnny Cash Show 1971)
Bottle of wine (Tom Paxton)   (RidinB)
Breakers, The (lyrics by EA)  (Appears on the Garth Hudson album The Sea to the North, 2001)
Brooklyn Bridge blues (Chorus 10), The  (Jack Kerouac)  (KerouacTribute)
Broken hearted mama  (TinCan — BestEA — Violets — Visionary)
Bumblebee  (Highway — BestEA, Broadside 47)
Bus I'm riding  (Broadside 68)

- C -

Can't get you out of my life  (BeTrue — sCantGetYouOut, Stages)
Carry me away  (Ghosts — sTooMany)
Champion at keeping them rolling  (E MacColl)  (BoutCh, BoutCh2)
Changes (Phil Ochs) (Waves)
Chimes of love (Boogaloo)  (SongsEA)
Chinatown  (Memory)
City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)  (Wildflower2003+CD)
Cliffs of Dover (instrumental)   (Istanbul)
Close the door lightly (when you go)  (BoutCh, BoutCh2 — BestEA — Violets — Visionary, BestSongs — SoMuchOnMyMind, Philly82, Mudd82, Wildflower2003+CD, SongsEA, Selected)
Coconut grove (John Sebastian, Zal Yanovsky)  (Waves)
Cold country  (Can'tRelive)
Come runnin' like a friend  (Midnight — ExileJapan — Exile2000, RidinB, Philly82, Mudd82, DFA-Molde91, WUMB93, Selected)
Come to my bedside (My darlin')  (Highway — NewFolks — Violets — Visionary, BlueR-reissue, SongsEA, Selected)
Count on you  (TightN — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Crazy River  (SweetS)
Cross your mind  (BoutCh, BoutCh2)
Crying like a river full of blues  (live 1978, 1997)

- D -

Dance of love and death  (Cologne)
Dear Mama  (Can'tRelive)
Deborah, I love you  (CountryD)
Delta bum (Broadside 55)
Devon, you look like heaven  (CountryD — BestEA [lp only])
Dimming of the day (R Thompson)  (RidinB)
Don't cry now (Midnight — Exile2000)
Don't it make you wanna sing the blues  (BlueRain)
Don't leave me here for dead  (EricA)
Don't stop  (Mudd82)
Down at the cantina  (SweetSurprise — 70C)
Dream to Rimbaud  (Stages)
Dreams of Mexico (A Roth, J Schran)  (SweetS)
Driftin' away  (EA & Rick Danko)  (DFA, DFA-Molde91)
Dusty box car wall  (Highway — BestEA — NewFolks — Violets — Visionary)

- E -

Every man is his own hero (EA, R Danko, J Fjeld)    (RidinB)
Every once in a pale blue moon  (Can'tRelive)
Everything ain't been said  (Highway, Selected)
Eyes gently rolling  (CountryD — BestEA — Violets)
Eyes of the immigrant  (FastFolk6, Can'tRelive)

- F -

Faithful  (BlueR, Selected)
Feel like comin' home  (BeatAvenue)
Florentine  (BlueR)
Foghorn  (Memory)
Fool like you, A  (T Moore)  (sFoolLikeYou)
Foolish like the flowers, (We Were)  (Avalanche — SoMuchOnMyMind, SongsEA)
For what was gained  (Avalanche, SongsEA)

- G -

Gettin' used to leavin'  (Christine Lavin)  (EA sings backing vocals. Appears on the Christine Lavin album Beau woes & other problems, 1987)
Ghosts upon the road  (Ghosts, Selected)
Girl I love, The  (BoutCh, BoutCh2)
Girls of Denmark (TightN — ExileJapan — Exile2000, Mudd82, FastFolk1)
Go now, Deborah (EricA)
Goin' gone  (Memory, BlueRain)
Gonna go crazy  (Can'tRelive)
Golden Bird (Happy Traum) (Waves)
Good to be with you  (Avalanche)
Great pyramid  (BeatAvenue)

- H -

Hard rain's a-gonna fall, A  (Bob Dylan)  (Street)
Hello Sun  (TinCan — BestEA)
Hey Babe, have you been cheatin'  (BoutCh, BoutCh2 — BestEA — Violets — Visionary, BestSongs, DFA-Molde91, SongsEA)
Higher ground  (Istanbul, ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Hills of Tuscany  (FastFolk4, Memory)
Honey  (TinCan)
Honky tonk women (Jagger/Richards)  (Appears on the New Riders of the Purple Sage album Boston Music Hall 5 Dec 1972, 2003. EA opened for NRPS and joined them for the encore.)
How it goes  (SweetS — 70C)
Hustler, The  (BoutCh, BoutCh2 — BestEA — Violets)
Hymn of waves  (Waves)

- I -

I ain't marching anymore  (Phil Ochs)  (Street)
I love to sing my ballad, Mama (But they only wanna hear me rock and roll)  (Stages)  (Also appears on the New Riders of the Purple Sage album Boston Music Hall 5 Dec 1972, 2003. EA opened for NRPS and joined them for the encore.)
I shall go unbounded  (BoutCh, BoutCh2, BestSongs — 70C, SongsEA, Broadside 62)
I shoulda known better  (Lennon/McCartney)  (EA sings backing vocals. Appears on the Phil Ochs album The Broadside tapes 1, 1964)
I was the rebel (She was the cause)  (EricA)
I will wait (EricA)
I'll be your baby tonight (Bob Dylan)  (EA plays harmonica. Appears on the Obray Ramsey & Byard Ray album White Lightnin' Fresh Air, 1969)
Irish lace  (Ghosts — sBelgianBar, Selected)
Is it love  (Istanbul — Exile2000)
Is it love (instrumental)  (Istanbul)
Is it really love at all  (BlueR — sPearl — BestSongs — SoMuchOnMyMind, OwenSound, Mudd82, Selected)
Istanbul (Highway song)  (Istanbul)
It starts with a lie  (EA & J Leventhal)  (Ghosts)
It wasn't a lie (EricA)
It's alright, Ma (I'm only bleeding)  (Bob Dylan)  (DylanTribute)
It's been a long time  (Stages)
It's comin' and it won't be long  (Avalanche, SongsEA)
It's so hard to fall (Avalanche, SongsEA)
I've Got a Secret (Fred Neil) (Waves)

- J -

John Brown (Bob Dylan) (Waves)
Johnny Half-Breed  (Peter La Farge)  (Street)
Jonah  (TightN — ExileJapan, Philly82)
Just a country dream (CountryD — BestEA — Violets)
Just a little something  (TinCan, SongsEA)

- K -

Keep this love alive (EA & R Danko)    (RidinB)

- L -

Last thing on my mind (T Paxton)  (DFA, Cologne)
Lie with me  (version 1: EricA — sLieWithMe)
Lie with me  (version 2: Stages, RidinB, DFA-Molde91)  [Comparison of the lyrics for the different versions.]
Listen to the rain  (Ghosts, Selected)
Little bit of rain  (Fred Neil)  (Street)
Liza, light the candle  (BeTrue — sBeTrue — 70C)
Long time troubled road  (Broadside6)
Looking glass  (Highway — BestEA — Violets)
Losing Hand (Charles E. Calhoun)  (BlueRain)
Lost in a song (Paul Horan)  (SweetS — 70C)
Louise  (EA)  (Avalanche)
Louise  (Paul Siebel)  (Street)
Love will meet again (EA & J Condos)  (SweetS — 70C)
Love is just a game  (BeTrue — 70C — SoMuchOnMyMind)
Lovesick blues  (Irving Mills, Cliff Friend)  (CountryD — BestEA [lp only])
Lovin' you, lovin' me (TightN)

- M -

Magdalena  (Can'tRelive)
Make it last (Angel in the wind)  (Stages)
Many a mile  (Patrick Sky)  (Street)
Mary I'm comin' back home (DFA)
Mary Sunshine  (TinCan, SongsEA)
Mason Dixon's on the line (Pat Alger) (WMR-MudAcres — WMR-Comp) [Eric plays steel drum guitar]
May the circle be unbroken  (trad)  (Wildflower2003+CD)
Meadowlark  (EA, Townes Van Zandt)  (Can'tRelive)
Memory of the future  (EA & R Aaron)  (Memory)
Messiah  (R E Fox; EA)  (Midnight — ExileJapan — Exile2000 — SoMuchOnMyMind)
Midnight son  (Midnight — ExileJapan — Exile2000, Mudd82)
Milk cow blues  (Elvis Presley)  (WorldFolk235)
Miss Lonely (Are you blue?)  (TinCan — BestEA — Violets, SongsEA, Broadside 79)
Misty roses  (Tim Hardin)  (Street)
Moonchild River Song  (BeTrue — 70C — BestSongs, Stages — SoMuchOnMyMind, Selected)
More often than not  (D Wiffen)  (BlueR — sBlueRiver)
Movin' with the wind  (Istanbul, ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Movin' with the wind (instumental)  (ExileJapan)
(It) Must be love  (EA & A Funaro)  (Midnight — sMustBeLove — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
My land is a good land  (BoutCh, BoutCh2 — BestEA, SierraClub, Broadside 41)

- N -

Never coming home  (Highway)
Night train  (EA, Townes Van Zandt)  (Can'tRelive)
No man's land  (EA & R Aaron)  (Memory)
Norway (Midnight)

- O -

Ol' 55  (Tom Waits)  (BeTrue — sCantGetYouOut — 70C)
Old song, An  (Avalanche — sAvalanche)
On the edge of you  (TinCan — Violets, SongsEA)
On the Road Again (Tom Rush) (Waves)
Once I Was (Tim Buckley) (Waves)
One more shot (Paul Kennerly) (DFA backing vocals, EA often sings this in concert)
Other side of this life, The  (Fred Neil)  (Street, BlueRain)
Outside track  (Henry Lawson / Gerry W. Hallom) (RidinB backing vocals)

- P -

Pale Blue Eyes (Lou Reed) (Waves)
Pearl's goodtime blues  (BlueR — sPearl)
Pick up the pieces  (Mudd82)
Picture in my heart  (Midnight — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Plains of Nebrasky-O  (Broadside3, Highway, Broadside 40)
Possum reprise (instrumental)  (Can'tRelive)
Pretty Lucky (Roly Sally)  (WMR-PrettyLucky — WMR-Comp)

- R -

Ragtop (R Danko, EA, J Fjeld)    (RidinB)
Rain falls down in Amserdam  (Memory, Contemporary Folk)
Rains are gonna come  (BeatAvenue)
Rambler's lament  (NewFolks — Violets — Visionary, Broadside 44)
Ramblin' Boy (Tom Paxton) (Waves)
Rick (Jonas Fjeld and Ole Paus) (EA plays guitar. Appears on the Jonas Fjeld album Tidevann, 2001.)
Ride, ride, ride (trad)  (WMR-PrettyLucky)
Ridin' on the blinds  (J Fjeld, EA, R Danko)   (RidinB)
Road, The  (EA, Townes Van Zandt)  (Can'tRelive)
Rock 'n roll woman  (EA & Zona Dentan)  (Midnight — sMustBeLove, Mudd82)
Rocky Mountain Red  (Michael Chain)  (sBornAgain)
Rollin' home  (TinCan — BestEA — Violets, Mudd82, SongsEA, Broadside 84)
Round the bend  (BlueR)
Run away  (EA and Lisa Stewart)  (BeatAvenue)

- S -

Salt on your skin  (BeatAvenue, Cologne)
San Diego serenade (Tom Waits)  (SweetS)
Sea of tears, A  (live 1987)
Second time around  (CountryD)
Secrets  (EricA — sLieWithMe — SoMuchOnMyMind)
Sex with you  (Memory)
Shame, Shame, Shame (Jimmy Reed)  (BlueRain)
Shape of a broken heart  (BeatAvenue, AcousticCafé430)
She can dance  (lyrics by EA / music by EA and Larry Smith)  (TightN — sSheCanDance)
She touched me  (EricA)
Sheila  (BlueR — sFoolLikeYou, DFA-Molde91, BlueRain, Selected)
Sick and tired  (C Kenner; EA, R Danko)  (DFA)
Sign of a desperate man  (EricA — SoMuchOnMyMind)
Singin' man  (live 1985)
Sinking deeper into you  (Cologne)
Sittin' in the sunshine  (Carol King, Toni Stern)  (sSittin)
Sitting on the dock of the bay (Cropper, Redding)  (CountryD)
Six senses of darkness  (Ghosts)
Sixteen year grudge  (TinCan, Broadside 92)
Smashville jam (instrumental)  (CountryD)
Snow, snow  (Pete Seeger)  (SeegerTribute)
So hard to fall  (Avalanche — sThinkAboutIt)
Someone in my life  (TightN, Mudd82)
Song of you and me  (BeatAvenue)
Song to J.C.B.  (Highway — BestEA — Violets — Visionary)
Soul of my song  (Ole Paus, translated into English by EA and Willie Nile / music by Jonas Fjeld)  (Stages)
Spanish Steps  (Ghosts, Selected)
Stand me up easy  (Can'tRelive)
Still lookin for you  (BeatAvenue)
Straight life  (TightN — ExileJapan, Philly82)
Stranger to this country  (Broadside 69)
Street singer, see Singin' man
Street was always there, The  (Street)
Stupid love  (BeatAvenue)
Sudden love  (Memory)
Sunshine and flowers  (70C — sSittin)
Sweet surprise  (SweetS — 70C — SoMuchOnMyMind)

- T -

Take off your thirsty boots — see Thirsty boots
Tell me what you want (Istanbul — Exile2000)
That's alright Mama  (A Crudup)  (BoutCh, BoutCh2)
These 23 days in September  (David Blue)  (Street)
Think about it  (Avalanche — sThinkAboutIt, SongsEA)
Thirsty boots  (BoutCh, BoutCh2 — BestEA — Violets — Visionary, BestSongs — 70C — SoMuchOnMyMind, Philly82, Mudd82, FolkCity85, Kerrville2000, Wildflower2003+CD — Waves, FestivalExpress, SongsEA, Selected, Broadside 55)
Thurman  (Midnight)
Tight in the night  (TightN — ExileJapan — Exile2000, Philly82, Mudd82)
Time for my returning  (Highway)
Time run like a freight train  (BeTrue — 70C — BestSongs, Stages — SoMuchOnMyMind, Cologne, Selected)
Tin Can Alley  (TinCan, SongsEA, Broadside 85)
Today is the highway  (Highway, Waves)
Tonight I need your lovin'  (Appears on the Jim & Jean album Changes, 1966)
Too many times (I will try)  (EA & J Leventhal)  (Ghosts — sTooMany)
Trouble in Paris  (Ghosts, BlueRain, Selected)
Twilight  (J. Robbie Robertson) (RidinB backing vocals)

- U -

Under the shadows  (BeatAvenue)
Universal soldier  (Buffy Sainte-Marie)  (Street)

- V -

Violets of dawn  (BoutCh — BestEA — Violets — Visionary, BoutCh2, WorldFolk235, BestSongs — 70C — SoMuchOnMyMind, SongsEA, Selected, Broadside 59)

- W -

Waiting for a train (Jimmie Rodgers)  (WMR-MudAcres)
Walked out the door  (Midnight — Exile2000)
Walkin' in my sleep  (TightN — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Wave must break, The  (live 1985)
Waves of freedom  (CountryD, Street, Broadside 56)
Weather Report Suite, Part I   (Eric Andersen and Bob Weir)  (Appears on The Grateful Dead's album Wake Of The Flood, 1973)
What is it like to be free  (EricA)
What will you do with my heart  (TightN — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
When I'm gone  (P Ochs)  (Memory, OchsTribute)
When morning comes to America  (Jim Sherraden)  (DFA backing vocals)
Where goes my love  (Istanbul, ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Where goes my love  (instrumental)  (Istanbul, ExileJapan)
White boots marching in a yellow land  (Phil Ochs)  (Street)
Who's gonna keep my love  (EA & Z Dentan)  (Midnight — ExileJapan — Exile2000)
Why don't you love me  (Hank Williams)  (BlueR-reissue)
Wild crow blues  (Stages, BeTrue, Selected)
Wind and sand  (BlueR — SoMuchOnMyMind, Selected)
Woman is a prism, A  (TinCan — BestEA)
Woman, she was gentle (BeTrue — 70C, Stages — SoMuchOnMyMind, Cologne)
World left in peace, A  (sSheCanDance)
Wrong side of town  (J Fjeld & EA)  (DFA)

- Y -

You can't relive the past  (EA, Lou Reed)  (Can'tRelive, Wildflower2003, BlueRain)
Your eyes  (JF / Jim Sherraden)  (RidinB backing vocals)