Lovin' you, lovin me  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Tight in the Night]

I've been gone a long time
and I can hardly wait
Til the time I see you
I hope it ain't too late
Everybody says you're looking fine
Like the way you did when you were mine

I see people talking words behind my back
What I know they're saying
can only make me laugh
People put you down, but it's a lie
They don't know the truth I see inside

I've been lovin' you
You've been lovin' me
Nothing we can do can change
what was destiny
You can try, but you can't hide
What the whole world sees
Lovin' you, lovin' me
Seein' you, seein' me
Lovin' you, lovin' me

Today I got your letter
I'm not the jealous kind
Ain't it so much better
not to read between the lines
Ain't it good to say just what you feel
Ain't it always good when love is real

Nothing stays the same
Don't ya think love is strange
When you think it's them
Babe, it's only you who've changed

I've been lovin' you, etc...


Jonah  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Tight in the Night, Exile (Japan), Philly 82]

The bars in the city
Are the wastelands of love
If your heart never hunted
You never gave it much thought
Tonight you're down on your luck,
Your self-esteem is so low
As you pick yourself up,
You're cursing under your breath
Someone please show me the door

Sometimes I wish I could do all I please
And be like you Jonah
Just to follow my dreams
Leave my loves all behind
I'm nothing special
I just do my part
Sometimes I run in the night
When I'm scared of the dark

Jonah, you're gonna be a changed man now
You know that dreamers like you
Can always find your way out
So many tried but did not have enough
The alleys are littered with the souls who gave up
Jonah, my friend
Don't ever give up

Now you've come back
You've got something to share
Where have you gone
Jonah, I'm scared
You said that dreams can be lonely
'cause dreams they don't care
The times you're looking your best
Are the times when you look
Like you just swallowed the whale

Jonah, you're gonna be a changed man now, etc...


Walking in my sleep  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Tight in the Night, Exile (Japan & 2000)]

I had a dream of you
I dreamed of you last night
Sailing on the Isle de France
A study of white and blue
A piano of ivory
First you sat and played
You were dancing between the tables
I couldn't take my eyes away
Then in my dream you walked right off the floor
I might as well have been back in Crete
Just me, the empty bottles, and tables
I can't believe I'm back on the street

Walking in my sleep
If ya wanna dream, baby
It's alright with me
Ya wanna share a dream
You can share a dream with me

That time in Istanbul
We caught a fast train to Spain
To run with the bulls in Pamplona
You swore you'd dance flamenco again
Things were fine in Milano
Everything til then was ah bien
It was in the piazza San Marco
That's where my troubles began
There's a slow boat to China
It left the day before yesterday
I know a beach in Sri Lanka
I got an uncle in Tampa Bay
It'll probably be the Striats of Magellan
Far up north way beyond Saskatoon
I only hope the next time I am stranded
I ain't very far from Rangoon

Walking in my sleep
If ya wanna dream, baby
It's alright with me
Ya wanna share a dream
You can share a dream with me
Walking in my sweet, sweet dream
The colors are so real
You can touch the ones you feel
Every dreamer was alone
til the world could see his soul...


Girls of Denmark  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Tight in the Night, Exile (Japan & 2000), Live at the Mudd Club, FastFolk-1]

Milano is hot and dripping
The skies are filthy and grey
What isn't ruled by Roman ruins
Is now prey to the Red Brigades
The pope was last seen
in the jungles of Brazil
Such things don't concern
the girls of Denmark

Everything is crumbling
Clothes are hanging from the lines
Latin lovers they get angry
'cause the girls all go home at night
Milano, you're the most dangerous
woman in the world
Such women never scare
the girls of Denmark

There's something terribly wrong
There's too much noise everywhere
Everybody's running
But no one's going anywhere
Last night I dreamed my lover
was with someone new
Such dreams never haunt
the girls of Denmark

America be blessed
You're still alone
You're still the place that's right
For the one's who have gone wrong
The rain is cold and Hamlet's castle
is made of ice
Men pay any price for
the girls of Denmark

Milano is hot and dripping, etc...


Tight in the night  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: Tight in the Night, Exile (Japan & 2000), Philly 82, Live at the Mudd Club]

It's well after midnight
It's the late, late show
It's way after hours
Nowhere left to go
When I look at your face, babe
Ain't no place like home
If you can find the wheel, baby
Then I can find the road

Tight in the night, isn't it only
Tight in the night, never be lonely
Tight in the night, when ya got something
When ya got something you love

The place is closing
They're wiping up the bar
Waitress are divinding the tips
People stumbling to their cars
It's another Saturday night
Regulars have all gone home
We're stuck at this table right now
We got nowhere to go

Tight in the night, etc...

I've been looking for you
I've been looking for you all of my life
When I finally found you
I just had to make you my wife
'cause everything about your love
Makes everything feel right
Ya taught me everything, baby
Everything about the night

Tight in the night, etc...


A World Left In Peace  (Eric Andersen)   [Albums: She Can Dance single]

Life is just illusions
It's all been dreamed before
Some are marching for the peace
While others march to war
Some they live for hatred
Some they live for love
Some they live for nothing
They can't see what's above

They've built a wall around us
But every wall must end
It never worked in China
It kept nothing out or in
Do they know they can't divide us?
Like East and West Berlin?
For every hand that builds a wall
are ten to tear it down again

I'm talking now of Africa
USR's and USA's
and the whole world caught between them
and the dangerous games they play
Central, South America
Asia and The Middle East
You may think I'm crazy
You may think I'm naive
We don't want a world in pieces
Just a world that's left in peace

I'm tired of the violence
And belief that might is right
And the death squads who arrest you
In the middle of the night
I'm sickened by the hunger
The torture and the screams
While children they are starving
To feed the war machine

I'm angry at the weapons
The threats upon our lives
And those who hold the triggers
You know they have no right
While children they go hungry
And people die in jails
As long as there's one soul not free
I think the system's failed

To the shakers and the movers
And war philosophers
And all the pirate weapons
And to the rich industrialists
Your houses built of greed
Take a look around you
See the forest from the trees

How much until you're satisfied
When will you have enough
Till the mountains are just stacks of bones
and the waters turn to blood
You've got weapons in the oceans
You got weapons in the air
In the mountains, up in outer space
You got weapons everywhere

Chorus: I'm talking now of Africa...

Now half the world is sleeping
Half the world just cries
Half the world is in prison
Or fighting for their lives
We can turn our backs away
We can play it safe
But if we don't take our chance to speak
No one will escape

I'm looking to the future
I'm looking to the past
I'm looking to my enemies
I wanna make this moment last
There's truth within the ocean
There's truth within the stars
But there's no truth to ever match
The truth within our heart

Chorus: I'm talking now of Africa...


All songs by Eric Andersen.
© Wind and Sand Music

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