Sign of a desperate man    (Eric Andersen)  [Albums: Eric Andersen, So Much on My Mind]

He's someone that you've seen before
He's known the roads of strife
He's a rich man he's a poor man
From any walk of life
His face is filled with troubles
That no one understands
His eyes are filled with sorrow
And his head is in his hands
That's the sign of a desperate man

He may have been a prisoner once
Broke the law and out of help
Or a man ashamed of his own life
A prisoner in himself
Now he walks the lonesone road alone
Without a purpose or a plan
He hit the bottle or the road too much
And his head is in his hands
That's the sign of a desperate man

There are times when we are feeling weak
When the fears drive us apart
It must be because we're so afraid to say what's in our hearts
When we don't mean what we say you know
Our pride in command
But when we don't say what we mean
Confusion fills our land
There are many signs among us now
Those signs of a desperate man


Lie with me    (Eric Andersen)  [Albums: Eric Andersen, single--LieWithMe, appeared rewritten on Stages]  [Comparison of the lyrics on different albums.]

  Lie with me and be my love just for now
  Stay with me all through the night
  Be as close to me as you can be
  Til morning sets you free

He was just a prisoner
Prisoner of your pain
Whose sentence was to serve you
Let you love again
If you go away,
Heíll still be singing in his chains
Behind the walls of knowing
There was no such thing as blame


Deeper than the ocean
Wider than the sea
The loneliness you harbored from
A love that was deceived
How did you ever know
What the answer couldnít be
The dyingís almost easier
Than trying to believe again


Your eyes they are so empty now
So pale in the sun
Your heart it is so weary
From not wanting anyone
With every breath you take
Itís for the love that didnít come
Still longing for the day
You thought your life had just begun



All songs by Eric Andersen.
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