Eric Andersen
Songs Reissued on Compilation Albums (listed in chronological order)
Compilation Album Title Song(s) Original Album Date / Issuing label Notes*
The Sound of Folk Music Vol. 2 Dusty boxcar wall New Folks 1964 Vanguard lp
Some Of Our Best Friends Are Avalanche Avalanche 1968 Warner promo lp (PRO 290) s1:t3
The 1969 Warner Brothers / Reprise Songbook Good to be with you Avalanche 1969 Warner 2-lp 
October 10, 1969 Lie with me Eric Andersen 1969 Warner promo lp (PRO-351) s2:t3
Il sound di oggi e di domani (= The sound of today and tomorrow) Louise Avalanche 1969 Warner Italy lp (12")
Tenth Anniversary Albums It's so good to be with you Avalanche 1969? Warner promo lp (PRO-289)
The Big Ball I was the rebel, she was the cause Eric Andersen 1970 Warner promo 2-lp (PRO 358)
The First Family of New Rock Rocky Mountain Red (M. Chain) Born Again (single) 1971 Warner Germany 2-lp
Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties Violets of dawn   1972 Vanguard 2-lp (CD reissue 1990)
Singer/Song-Writer Sound Sampler Blue River Blue River 1972 CBS Sony Japan lp s2:t?
World's Greatest Rock Festival (Reunion '74) Is it really love at all Blue River 1974 lp
Golden Hour Presents The Best of Folk
My land is a good land
1978 Pye Records
Hi Fidelity/1 Someone in my life Tight in the Night 1983 EMI Sweden lp s2:t5
All Ears Review, Vol. 7: Still amazing Six senses of darkness Ghosts Upon the Road 1989 Rom Records CD t15
Certain Damage #21 (8/1989)
     (college radio promo)
Ghosts upon the road Ghosts Upon the Road 1989 College Music Journal CD
An Invitation to the Heart of Village Green Belgian bar
Too many times
Ghosts Upon the Road 1989 Pony Canyon CD (Japan) t4
An Invitation to the Heart of Village Green, volume two Come Runnin' Like A Friend
Irish Lace
Midnight Son
Ghosts Upon the Road
19xx 2-CD (Japan)
Troubadours of the Folk Era, Vol. 1 Violets of dawn Best of EA / BoutCh1 1992 Rhino CD
Freedom is a Constant Struggle  (Songs of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement) Thirsty boots
Waves of freedom
'Bout Changes
Country Dream
1994 Folk Era 2CD
Recommended Daily Allowance – The Plump Records Sampler Belgian Bar Ghosts Upon the Road 1995 Plump CD t8
Vanguard Folk Sampler Blind fiddler 'Bout Changes 1996 Vanguard CD
The Best of Folk Music Violets of dawn
My land is a good land

1996 Vanguard 3CD d2:t3
Legendary Folk Singers Violets of dawn
1997 Vanguard
Vanguard Collector's Edition (4CD box set) Violets of dawn Best of EA / BoutCh1 1997 Vanguard 4CD box set d2:t16
Folk Hits Of The Sixties Violets of dawn Best of EA / BoutCh1 1998 Vanguard
Paradigm Associated Labels Thirsty boots
1998 Paradigm 3CD (promo?)
These are my songs Thirsty boots
1998 CD t15
Folk, Gospel & Blues: Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  (=Discs 9-10 of Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century)
Blue River Blue River 1999 CBS Legacy 2CD d2:t14
Route 50: Driving new roots for 50 years  (50th anniversary sampler) Close the door lightly Violets of Dawn 2000 Vanguard 2CD d1:t21
Acoustic Café – Show #282 and Show #310 (Best of 2000)
    (aired 5 ­ 11 June 2000 and 18 ­ 24 Dec 2000, repectively)
You can't relive the past You Can't Relive the Past 2000 Acoustic Café 2CD d2:t1
Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970. Thirsty boots 'Bout Changes 2 2001 Rhino 3CD d3:t8
Vanguard: Roots of Folk Violets of dawn
2002 Vanguard 3CD d2:t2
Let Freedom Sing: This Land Is Your Land, Vol. 2 Thirsty boots
2003 Vanguard CD t10
70s SHINE Is it really love at all Blue River 2003 Sony CD (Japan)
The Vanguard Folk Rock Album Honey
The Hustler
Tin Can Alley
'Bout Changes (2?)
2005 Ace CD t5
Sowing The Seeds - The 10th Anniversary White boots marching in a yellow land
You can't relive the past
The Street Was Always There
You Can't Relive the Past
2006 Appleseed 2CD d1:t5

Treasury Of Folk Music - Folk Favorites: Vol. 3 Violets of dawn
Time Life 2CD d1:t3

*Notes: L1 = lp 1 of set, s2 = side 2 (lp), d3 = disc 3 of CD set, t5 = track 5 (lp or CD)

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