Ridin' on the Blinds
1994 Grappa (Norway) / 1997 Ryko
Song Title (author of lyrics) — lead vocalists, (xx) = background

Ridin' on the blinds  (JF, EA, RD) — JF, RD, EA, (JF)
Twilight  (J. Robbie Robertson) — RD, (JF, EA)
Dimming of the day  (Richard Thompson) — EA, (EA, JF, RD)
Ragtop  (RD, EA, JF) — EA, (RD, JF)
Come runnin' like a friend  (EA) — EA, JF, RD
Women cross the river  (David Olney) — JF, (RD)
Lie with me  (EA) — EA, JF, RD
All creation  (RD, EA) — RD, (JF)
Outside track  (Henry Lawson / Gerry W. Hallom) — JF, (RD, EA)
Every man is his own hero  (EA, RD, JF) — EA, (RD, JF)
Baby I'm lonesome  (EA) — EA, RD, JF
Your eyes  (JF / Jim Sherraden) — RD, JF, (EA)
Bottle of wine  (Tom Paxton) — EA, (RD, JF)
Keep this love alive  (EA, RD) — EA, RD, (JF)

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