Danko / Fjeld / Andersen
1991 Stageway Norway / 1993 Ryko

1993 Ryko cover
Song Title (author of lyrics) — lead vocalists, (xx) = background

Driftin' Away  (EA, RD) — EA, RD, (JF)
Blue Hotel  (Jim Sherraden) — JF
One More Shot  (Paul Kennerly) — JF, (RD), (EA)
Mary I'm Comin' Back Home  (EA) — EA, RD
Blue River  (EA) — RD, (EA)
Judgement Day  (instrumental by Hallvard T. Bjørgum)
When Morning Comes to America  (Jim Sherraden) — JF, (EA), (RD) *
Wrong Side of Town  (JF, EA) — EA
Sick and Tired  (Chris Kenner, EA, RD) — RD, EA, JF
Angels in the Snow  (Engler I Sneen) (EA / Ole Paus) — JF, EA, (RD) *
Blaze of Glory  (Johnny Slate, Danny Morrison, Larry Keith) — RD, (JF), (EA)
Last Thing on My Mind  (Tom Paxton) — EA, (RD), (JF)

1991 Norwegian cover
Order Danko/Fjeld/Andersen from amazon.com * Tracks "When Morning Comes to America" and "Engler I Sneen" appear on the Jonas Fjeld compilation Jonas Fjeld Beste (1999 Norsk Plateproduksjon)  
One More Shot
reissued 2001 BMG Norway / 2002 Appleseed (remastered w/ bonus live CD)

2002 Appleseed cover
Disc 1: remastered version of Danko / Fjeld / Andersen
Disc 2: Danko/Fjeld/Andersen recorded live at the Molde Jazz Festival (20 July 1991)

Mystery train  (Sam Phillips, Herman Parker Jr.) — RD
It makes no difference  (Robbie Robertson) — RD
Twilight  (Robbie Robertson) — RD
Blue Hotel  (Jim Sherraden) — JF
The bells are ringing for you now  (JF, PD Flamming, Jim Sherraden) — JF
Hey babe, have you been cheatin'  (EA) — EA
Sheila  (EA) — EA
Driftin' away  (EA, RD) — EA, RD
Baby I'm lonesome  (EA) — EA (RD)
Preludium forespel  (Olav Heggland) — (instrumental)
Skjoldmoyslaget  (trad, adpt Olav Heggland) — (instrumental)
One more shot  (Paul Kennerly) — RD
Blue river  (EA) — RD, EA
When morning comes to America  (Jim Sherraden) — JF
Lie with me  (EA) — EA
Come runnin' like a friend  (EA) — EA, RD

2001 Norwegian cover
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