1997 Archive Recordings CD, remastered
Moonchild River Song  ~
Be True To You  ~
Ol' 55  (Tom Waits)  ~
Time Run Like A Freight Train  ~
Liza, Light The Candle  ~
Woman, She Was Gentle  ~
Love Is Just A Game  ~
Lost In A Song  (Paul Horan)  #

 ~ from Be True to You
#  from Sweet Surprise
% from The Best Songs

How It Goes  #
Down At The Cantina  #
Sweet Surprise  #
Love Will Meet Again  (EA & J Condos)  #
I Shall Go Unbounded  %
Violets Of Dawn  %
Thirsty Boots  %
Sunshine And Flowers  **

** previously unreleased bonus track

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Last revised: Jan 2007.